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Melissa Mangen, Athletic Director and Grades K – 8:  

Classroom Requirements

• Students are expected to wear the full P.E. uniform, including socks.           that cover the ankle and athletic shoes (not cleats or loose   
      skateboarding style shoes)

• A student out of uniform is given an alternate activity from the rest           of the class during the P.E. period

• Students will participate in a regular schedule of P.E. classes

• A parental note is required if a student is to be excused from P.E.                -Three days excused in a five day period requires a doctor’s note.

• Students who miss P.E. for ANY reason may be required to do as much          as 15 minutes worth of make-up P.E. instruction (per day missed),                within the next 7 days time.

    -Students who need more individualized attention in reaching the                  State & Diocese set grade-level benchmarks may be expected to                  participate in these sessions also.

P.E. Grading Scale

 Eexcellent VGvery good  S: satisfactory  N: needs improvement  U: unsatisfactory

P.E. Grades are based on the following:

• Skills, Participation, Effort, Cooperation and Sportsmanship or S.P.E.C.S.

• Student being regularly dressed out in the full P.E. uniform.                        -After two times not being “dressed out” in one quarter, parents                 will be notified. A third occurrence will adversely affect grades. 

Behavior Management System

• Students must respect the rules of the activities, participate and                display good sportsmanship.
• Students are expected to show one another mutual respect, honesty,           fairness and team commitment.
• If the aforementioned expectations are not met, Coach may require            the student “sit out” of P.E. or lunch recess.
• If the sub-par behavior continues, disciplinary action (i.e. demerits,
   detentions, in-school or out-of-school suspensions) may be taken.

The Athlete’s Prayer

  Be it court or field on which we play
  May God protect us all this day
  From injury, hurt or pain.
  And true sportsmanship may we gain.
  Grant us strength of body, soul and mind
  At games and sports of every kind. Amen.

rev. 8/16

Extra Curricular Sports

A current SPORTS PHYSICAL IS REQUIRED to practice with or play for any of our sports teams. This is NOT the same as a regular school physical. (Please go to the SAS Sports Forms link for any forms needed.)

Games are played in the Northern Suncoast Catholic Schools Conference which also includes Bishop Larkin, Notre Dame and Saint John Paul II Schools. Provided they meet the physical, academic and conduct requirements, students in grades 5 - 8 may participate in our inter-school sports program. Complete schedules can be obtained in the office, but click the link below to review the basic schedules for Golf, Tennis, Flag Football, Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer.

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                                    Come support the Warriors!

         We look forward to a happy, healthy school year.       
                                    - Coach Mangen