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 Ms. Betty Will, Media Specialist (1991-Present)

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Please refer to the Rediker Parent Portal for all pertinent information regarding our Media Center. 

Our Library system is now online!  To view our collection simply click the link below.


Tidbit about our Media Center

Our Media Center houses our library collection and our computer lab. Our library includes approximately 4,000 books shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System.  We accept gently used books and new books that align with our school curriculum.

 Some families enjoy giving a book to our library in the name of their child for his/her birthday. Students love to open a book and see the name of a friend or family member, or their own name inside the front cover. It makes them feel special.


 Computer Classes

Our computer classes are integrated with our school curriculum.   All students use our lab throughout the school year.  Our lab is used in many different ways that include:

  • lessons involving the smart board
  • whole group using the smart board to review classroom instruction and to visit websites that enhance classroom discussions
  • K - 4 individual students using programs that support subject area instruction
  • Keyboard introduction and practice at all levels
  • Instruction in parts of a computer and proper use and care of a laptop is given at all levels.
  • Grades 5 - 8 use virtual science labs
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are introduced and instruction given for the many uses of these programs at age appropriate levels.

  Library Classes

Our library books are categorized according to the Dewey Decimal System which all grade levels learn.  

Here are a few of the activities our students complete:

  • Students have books read to them.  This gives a constant example of reading fluency and strengthens listening skills.
  • Book discussion give the students the opportunity to hear all opinions of a book and the events that occur in that book.
  • Students are exposed to and study different authors and illustrators, their styles, and techniques.
  • There are book projects at all levels.  These are often integrated with computer lab assignments.
  • Good research skills and techniques are taught in an age appropriate way at all grade levels.  (Example:  Kindergarteners learn how to decide fact from fiction [or opinion] and how to talk about books and give opinions.  Older students learn to recognize reliable information gained during research.)
  • Plagiarism is discussed and ways to write good reports in student's own words are taught at all levels.


 Our Technology Plan

Our Technology Plan has been approved by the State of Florida and represents a three year plan for growth in the technology area.

To review our plan click on the link in the box above.

We continue to work hard to meet the expectations stated in this plan.