St. Anthony Kindergarten Home Page

Welcome to Kindergarten!


Kindergarten Staff: 

Lourdes Milan, M.A.  -  Teacher

Lidia Guadarrama, B.A. - Instructional Aide

Ms. Maitski, M.A. - resource teacher

Mrs. D'Ovidio - official K-sub

Mara Arpaio (Nani)  -  volunteer


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What is this thing called Kindergarten??? 

An introduction to school, a child's garden, a warm and fuzzy place, a three-ring circus, "an ocean; you don't want to turn your back on it"...etc., etc.

Just as no two children are alike, no two Kindergartens are alike.   Despite the differences, most Kindergarten teachers will agree that Kindergarten is the place where children:

1. gain a greater sense of autonomy than in pre-K

2. learn to work and play cooperatively with other children their own age

3. develop a positive attitude toward school

4. participate in structured activities


"All I ever really needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten."

~ Robert Fulgham