St. Anthony Fifth Grade Home Page

4/14 to 4/16/14

    Only two and a half days and we will have a vacation finally!  This year is a very late Easter!  

     Please join us in Triduum ceremonies this week.  We say a Station of the Cross at assembly daily.  The 8th graders will be performing a "Living Stations of the Cross" in the parish center Wednesday at 11:30.  Eucharistic Adoration is Tuesdays in the church at 3:30 each week.  Most churches will offer Stations of the Cross Friday afternoon.

     Fifth graders are very excited that the Enterprise Village visit date has finally come!  We will be going to Stavros Intstitute (as will 8th grade) this Tuesday, April 15th.  THE BUS WILL LEAVE AT 7:30 A.M.!  I will be in the 5th grade classroom at 7:00 and have already spoken to Mrs. Guadarrama about expecting 5th and 8th grade siblings for before school care (for no fee).  I have asked 5th graders to arrive by 7:15 A.M.  You may bring them directly to the 5th grade portable.  Parents who have generously volunteered to help us must be in Largo by 7:45 A.M.  I have provided you with maps/directions.  On a good traffic day, it takes one and a quarter hours to drive there.  There's no telling what kind of traffic jams you'll find in Tampa.  So, plan accordingly....  Many of the parents I have spoken to have said they plan to leave by 6:00 A.M.  We will return in time for dismissal.  We have spoken in class about proper attire.  5th graders have the privilege of dressing "professionally".  This means a dress/skirt/pantsuit for young ladies and dress slacks and a collared shirt for young men.  I've cautioned the girls about shoes.  They will be on their feet all day and should wear appropriate footwear.  8th graders are wearing their class shirts.  Dressing professionally is a privilege - don't abuse it!  They will need no money since the only currency which is accepted at the village is their debit cards and their currency.  If you'd like to bring a purse or small bag, that would be appropriate and useful for carrying your checkbook and merchandise you purchase there.  We will NOT need our personal workbooks and I will carry the business workbooks.  It's going to be an exciting and FAST day! 


 I update this web-page weekly, usually on Sunday evening. The homework for the entire week in the subjects which I teach will be  posted, including the Spelling list words. 

    There will be an Earth Force meeting on Monday, April 14th 3:30 -5:00.  

    LATER ON MONDAY, APRIL 14TH (like Tuesday 2:00A.M. there will be a complete LUNAR ECLIPSE.  It should last about 2 hours.  Since 5th graders will be too excited to sleep the night before Enterprise Village, they might be awake to see it!  There will be three more this year! 

   There will be no "Extra Help" session this week.  Early dismissal on Wednesday (12:15).

               Requests for conferences should be made through the office or in person with me.  I am generally available any morning or after school on Tuesdays.

     My e-mail address is:  (The link from this website does not work.)



Monday -    

Tuesday -  ENTERPRISE VILLAGE VISIT DATE! - Arrive at school by 7:15 A.M. in professional attire.  We will return by dismissal.

Wednesday - 11:30 - Living Stations of the Cross in the parish center

                      12:15 - Dismissal

EASTER BREAK starts with Wednesday 12:15 dismissal and goes through Sunday, April 27th.  Enjoy your time off and see you back at school on April 28th!


Thursday -  No school - Holy Thursday

Friday - No school - Good Friday



Please look up the definitions of words with which you are not familiar.  The Spelling Sentences assignment counts as an English grade also and incorrect usage of the Spelling words costs you 3 points for each mistake.

*Review Word(s)



     All assignments are due the following day (e.g. Monday's Spelling 3 X's is due on Tuesday), unless otherwise stated.  All assignments may be turned in early. 







This webpage is updated each week. The homework assignments for the subjects which I teach will be listed for the entire week, as well as the Spelling words for that week.