St. Anthony Fifth Grade Home Page

6/2 to 6/6/14

Where did the time go?  It seems it was just last week that we were building community and reviewing school rules!  I wish all of you a wonderful, fun-filled summer.  

 I update this web-page weekly, usually on Sunday evening. The homework for the entire week in the subjects which I teach will be  posted, including the Spelling list words. 

    The last Earth Force meeting will be on Monday, June 2nd  3:30-5:00.  I appreciate all the help that Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. Garro, Mr. Merriett, and Mrs. D'Ovideo have given us throughout this past year.  I know Mr. Garro will be out of town for this last meeting and I don't expect Mrs. Kennedy or Monica, since her last day of school was last Friday.  Are there any parents willing and able to help supervise the Earth Force members on June 2nd?  

     There will be "extra help" session this week in English again.  We have an English test on Thursday (I've had to break down the test into smaller sections).  Extra Help will be on Wednesday 6/4 from 3:15 - 4:00.  I have an appointment at 4:30.  (The appointment I had last week was postponed to this week.)  Please make arrangements to be picked up at 4:00.   

               Requests for conferences should be made through the office or in person with me.  I am generally available any morning or after school on Tuesdays.

    This Friday the last day of school for the year.  Dismissal is at 12:15.

     Mrs. Jones (Tony Lister's grandmother) is coordinating a breakfast for the last day of school.  If you would like to help/contribute, please contact her.

     My e-mail address is:  (The link from this website does not work.)



Monday -    Uniform Sale in Mother Teresa Room                     12:00-6:00    

Tuesday -   

Wednesday - 10:00 Mass Fr. Eric and 7th grade                          hosts

                      3:15-4:00 Extra Help-English

                     7:00 P.M. 8th Grade Graduation Mass

 Thursday -   3:30 Farewell Party in the Parish Center for departing                              staff: Mrs. Larrauri, Mrs. McKendree, Mrs. Briscoe, and S.                      Lynebeth

 Friday -   10:00 Prayer Service

                 12:15 Dismissal - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR 2013-14



Please look up the definitions of words with which you are not familiar.  The Spelling Sentences assignment counts as an English grade also and incorrect usage of the Spelling words costs you 3 points for each mistake.

*Review Word(s)


     All assignments are due the following day (e.g. Monday's Spelling 3 X's is due on Tuesday), unless otherwise stated.  All assignments may be turned in early. 



Read/complete Text p 440-441 (Minimum of 5 descriptions and minimum of 5 adaptations, underlined or circled and charted)

  Read/complete My World Text p 546-551 (We're skipping p 529-545) 

  Study English Text pp 94-101 for Test on Thursday

 Be sure to have read  
Number the Stars through p.87 (We're doing a comprehension check assignment on Tuesday)
 Read/complete Text p 446-447 (Minimum of 5 descriptions and minimum of 5 adaptations, 
 Read/complete My World Text p 574-581
Study English Text pp 94-101 for Test on Thursday

  Read/complete Text p 448-449 (Minimum of 3 descriptions and minimum of 6 adaptations, 

Extra Help Session for English Review 3:30 - 4:00

 Study English Text pp 94-101 for Test on Thursday

 Read Number the Stars to the end (if we don't finish the book in class)(There will be a final comprehension assignment in class on Thursday)


  Bring in extra tote bags on Friday to take all your possessions home


This webpage is updated each week. The homework assignments for the subjects which I teach will be listed for the entire week, as well as the Spelling words for that week.