St. Anthony Fifth Grade Home Page

9/2/14 to 9/5/14

We started academics this past week.  Please check Rediker for grades.

  I update this web-page weekly, usually on Sunday evening. The homework for the entire week in the subjects which I teach will be  posted, including the Spelling list words. 

    The next Earth Force meeting will be on Monday, September 8th from 3:30-5:00.  Permission forms for our September 13th Crystal Springs Preserve trip are due at this meeting.  If you need a form, see Ms. W.  Students are to go to their regular dismissal location and will be paged to meet me at the church door.  Registration forms were sent home with the first newsletter.  If you need a registration form, ask Mrs. Rosie in the office, please.  Are there any parents willing and able to help supervise the Earth Force members each Monday?  You must have current Safe Environment certification.  The time you spend helping counts as volunteer hours if you sign in in the office.  I have been fortunate  in the past to have Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. Garro, Mr. Merriett, Mrs. Merriett, and Mrs. D'Ovideo helping me.  Some of these families have left the area and/or graduated.  

     There will be "extra help" sessions on Wednesdays 3:15-4:15.  We will be reviewing for the English test this week.

               Requests for conferences should be made through the office or in person with me.  I am generally available any morning or after school on Wednesday - Friday.


     My e-mail address is:  (The link from this website does not work.)



Monday -    

Tuesday -   3:30 Eucharistic Adoration in the church

Wednesday - 10:00 Weekly Mass 

Thursday -   

 Friday -   


SPELLING WORDS:  r-controlled vowels: ar/er/ear/or/ur

  ar: variables, Arctic, Antarctica, library
  er: observation, inference, experiment, America, meridian
  ear: earn, earth (Earth), research*
  or: record*, horrible, horrendous, vigorous
  ur: temperature, measure, surface, procedure

Please look up the definitions of words with which you are not familiar.  The Spelling Sentences assignment counts as an English grade also and incorrect usage of the Spelling words costs you 3 points for each mistake.

*Review Word(s)


     All assignments are due the following day (e.g. Monday's Spelling 3 X's is due on Tuesday), unless otherwise stated.  All assignments may be turned in early. 



 Study Scientific Methods Yellow Folder for Quiz on Thursday
 Read/complete My World pp SSH10 to SSH19 (Due Friday)
 Study for English test  (Text pp 2-9) on Thursday 

  Write each of the Spelling words three times (You may use a word processor for this assignment)
  Study Scientific Methods Yellow Folder for Quiz on Thursday
  Read/complete My World pp SSH10 to SSH19 (Due Friday) Study for English test  (Text pp 2-9) on Thursday  

 Read Matilda Ch. 5-6  (pp 49-65) by Monday

  Extra Help Session for English test (3:30-4:15)

 Write one sentence for each of the 20 words, demonstrating that you understand the meaning of the words.  This counts as both a Spelling and an English grade 

   Read/complete My World pp SSH10 to SSH19 (Due Friday)

  Study for the Spelling test on Friday

This webpage is updated each week. The homework assignments for the subjects which I teach will be listed for the entire week, as well as the Spelling words for that week.