Tuition Assistance

School-Based Assistance

Diocesan Assistance

  • Catholic Schools Tuition Assistance Grant: Income-based diocesan grant to help families with school tuition costs. It is available to all students who are currently registered or have submitted an enrollment application. Qualified applicants must be baptized, practicing and registered in a Catholic parish in the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Applications for this scholarship must be completed on-line via FACTS.

National Scholarships

  • George and Mary Kremer Foundation: Provides Catholic elementary schools in the continental United States with need-based Tuition Assistance for eligible children. The Principal is given the responsibility of selecting the students and applying on their behalf. Eligibility is determined through the foundation’s need-based application process. This assistance grant is available to affiliated students.

Private Scholarships

  • Mary C. Forbes Foundation: Need-based scholarship reserved for students within the Diocese of St. Petersburg who are active practitioners of the Roman Catholic faith. Limited applications are available to qualified applicants. The deadline for submission is April 14th for the following school year. Applications must be processed through our school, and are available from the finance manager.

State-approved/state-sponsored Tuition Assistance Scholarships

  • Step-Up for Students: State-approved privately funded income based scholarship to cover tuition and some of the associated fees.

  • AAA Scholarship: State-approved privately funded need-based scholarship alternative to the Step-Up for Students scholarship.

  • McKay Scholarship: State-sponsored scholarship reserved for children with various educational needs, as determined by their individual Educational Plan or 504 Plan.