Individual assignments will be either assessed traditionally or by using a rubric.  When traditional grading is used, 50% will be the lowest failing grade recorded.  The following generic achievement descriptors will serve as a scoring guide.

Letter Grade Descriptor % Score


The student provides evidence of deep understanding and fluent application of the target standard(s).

90 – 100


The student is close to meeting the target standard(s).

80 – 89


The student meets part of the target standard(s).

70 – 79


The student is just beginning to address the basic ideas of the target standard(s).

60 – 69


The student provides little to no evidence of addressing the target standard(s), including missing or incomplete work.

50 – 59

All classes including specials will receive letter grades this year!

All grades are posted online in RenWeb, which can be accessed by families regularly.  Access codes for RenWeb will be provided to the families at the beginning of the school year.  Averages are automatically calculated by the program  based on the weight assigned to the various graded academic tasks.  The system will provide ongoing updates and quarterly averages.  Therefore, printed Progress Reports are longer issued.  Saint Anthony Catholic School will issue a Final Report Card as indicated in the school’s yearly calendar.