Resource Teacher

The educational team at Saint Anthony Catholic School recognizes the diversity and the uniqueness of the students attending our school. And in recognizing this uniqueness, we accept the responsibility to provide, as appropriate, reasonable accommodations which may ensure the success of each child.  Academic support options are identified in consultation with the parents and teachers to address:

  • subject-specific strengths and needs

  • learning strategies

  • methods to promote achieve at grade level expectation

Ms. Jane Maitski serves as a resource teacher to all students, while delivering individual/small group classroom-based assistance (or study hall time) to specific students identified with a variety of learning needs. Services include: assessment,; progress monitoring; re-teaching of skills; use of various methods and programs at home/school to strengthen the student’s learning skills; consultation with families and teachers; and safeguarding the continuity of support services across grade levels.

Some favorite resources to supplement the students’ learning are:

Math Aids

Math Antics

Khan Academy

DoGo News

Ms. Maitski is available Monday through Thursdays during school hours, and can be reached via e-mail .