Religion Curriculum

“The Church’s teaching mission includes inviting young people to a relationship with Jesus Christ or deepening an existing relationship with Jesus, inserting young people into the life of the Church, and assisting young people to see and understand the role of faith in one’s daily life and in the larger society.”  (Ozar, L.A., & Weitzel-O’Neill, P. (Eds.). (2012).  National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.  Chicago, IL:  Loyola University Chicago, Center for Catholic School Effectiveness.


  • Saint Anthony Catholic School provides a rigorous academic program in the study of the Catholic Faith  infused throughout all areas of studies. 
  • Religion studies integrate faith, culture and life experiences.
  • Christ Our Life,  published by Loyola Press, is our curriculum of choice across all grade levels.
  • Parents are encouraged to access the Family Catechesis Resources to deepen their Catholic faith practices at home.
  • The Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education (ACRE) is administered on a yearly basis to 5th and 8th graders to assess student’s knowledge of the Catholic faith, as well as affective aspects of learning.