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About Saint Anthony Catholic School

Saint Anthony Catholic School is a VPK-8 private school in Pasco County, Florida. dedicated to providing a quality and Christ-centered education that addresses the needs of the whole child: spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical. Our school prides itself on leading the way for our students to serve and care about the broader world around them. As a community, we emphasize the importance of self-advocacy and developing key leadership skills that poise them to become the leaders of the future.

Our passionate and dedicated staff, alongside your family, will set the foundation for your child to not only succeed academically, but to know what it truly means to live and breathe their Catholic faith. While we are a faith-based school, we welcome non-Catholics and are inclusive of all other faiths in our community. In further support of our families, we also offer additional services such as morning and extended care, homework classes, pre-paid lunches, and other opportunities for after-school enrichment.

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A Message From Our Principal

Dear Prospective Families,

Saint Anthony’s reputation for excellence is long-standing and is the product of our families’ commitment to education, the dedication of our highly qualified teachers, and the hard work of our students. We have been providing a quality Catholic education for children since 1884, infusing faith and morals while challenging the students to achieve academic excellence. We strive to help each child discover his or her God-given gifts, and believe children are God’s gift to all with parents, grandparents, and guardians as their primary educators.

Our VPK-8 academic program is solidly founded upon the commitment to provide a well-rounded, supportive, and Christ-centered educational experience that addresses all the developmental needs of the child. Our curriculum is comprehensive, with a school day designed to provide our students with opportunities to expand their knowledge, think critically, develop skills for lifelong learning in the 21st century, participate in service to others, and integrate faith knowledge and practices throughout. Technology supports our curriculum and is an integral part of our STREAM coursework at all grade levels. Our school life is filled with a variety of activities including ones that are faith-based as well as sports, family picnics, spirit nights, and fun runs, just to mention a few.

We offer a variety of financial assistance options to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses and help you along the journey of educating your child. Please contact us to schedule a tour, meet our team, and apply for admission. We look forward to serving you, and pray that God’s blessings be with you and your loved ones.

Mrs. Shannon Hall, M.Ed.

The Saint Anthony Catholic School Mission

Saint Anthony Catholic School builds Eucharistic based faith foundations and academic excellence utilizing modern tools and technologies while protecting and promoting the physical and spiritual well-being of the child.

Our Faculty

Our dedicated faculty and professional aides work hard to make a quality Catholic school education possible for all of our students and to address the needs of the whole child.

All teachers at Saint Anthony Catholic School are Florida Certified in their subject area and 65% possess master’s degrees. All of our educational staff have bachelor’s degrees, including aides, ensuring your child is being educated by professionals who are well-versed in their subject area.


List of Staff & Faculty

Our History

Excellence in Catholic Education Since 1884

Saint Anthony Catholic School was founded upon the principles, values, and dedication to our Catholic faith that we still celebrate today. Our legacy of academic excellence and commitment to Catholic morals and values are what sets us apart from other schools.

For over 135 years, we have provided a quality, well-rounded Catholic school education for the children of Pasco, Hernando, and Northern Hillsborough counties.

Fall of 1883

Saint Anthony Catholic School was founded by Mrs. Cecilia Morse in the fall of 1883, when after moving to the Catholic Colony of San Antonio, FL, she discovered that there was no grade school for her six children to attend and began teaching classes out of her kitchen.

Over 135 Years

Since those first classes began in Mrs. Cecilia Morse’s kitchen, the school quickly expanded and relocated to the local parish, where the site of our original school building would be erected. For over 135 years, our school has historically been steadfast in our infusion of faith and academics.


In 2019, we celebrated our 135th Anniversary during a commemoration ceremony attended by our community and the mayor of San Antonio, Florida.

Our Present and Future

Saint Anthony Catholic School is dedicated to remaining current and progressive to prepare our children for their constantly-evolving future.

Saint Anthony Catholic School Accreditations

We are accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference, employ Florida certified and highly qualified teachers, and follow the curriculum set forth by the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Our curriculum is aligned with VPK, elementary and middle school Florida’s Standards and Next Generation Science Standards and infused with our Catholic identity.”


Our partnerships with local, state and national agencies and programs afford us the opportunity to provide our Catholic school community with a variety of opportunities which support our mission and strengthen our educational program.

We employ Florida certified teachers and adhere to Florida State Standards and benchmarks.