Our Middle School Education

Serving 6th Through 8th Grade

During middle school, our students are building upon the strong foundations formed during their elementary school years while preparing for the future academic challenges that lie ahead of them. By balancing our middle schoolers’ experience between preparation for their futures beyond Saint Anthony Catholic School while also continuing to provide a well-rounded and student-focused approach to their education, we set our students up for success.

Our middle school curriculum is rooted firmly in our Catholic faith and values, and we focus on providing a quality and Christ-centered education that addresses the needs of the whole child—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. In our middle school, our students begin to feel the excitement of new responsibilities, activities, and opportunities to get further involved in their faith and community. Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in Florida Virtual classes, sports, club activities, and complete service hours in their community.

Academic Programs

Our middle school curriculum remains firmly rooted in STREAM — Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math — and these key aspects of education work together to provide an enriching faith-based education to our oldest students. We emphasize the problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovative skills that students will use both during their time at Saint Anthony Catholic School and beyond. 

Our rigorous academic curriculum adheres to the standards and benchmarks based on the Florida State Standards and set forth by the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Our 5th and 8th grade students are tested through The Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education (ACRE), which evaluates the student’s attitudes and faith knowledge.

Facilities & Technology

Our school offers a variety of opportunities to enrich and enhance our middle school students’ learning, allowing us to continue to provide a modern, effective, and quality education. These resources are used by students under strict supervision, and our school uses back-end software that sets restraints on what students can access to ensure their safety while still being able to use modern tools effectively. Through the use of our facilities and technology, we are able to build Eucharistic based faith foundations and academic excellence in our middle school academic programs.

Embracing Technology

We are intentional about embracing technology into the curriculum for our students. We focus on introducing and embedding Google Workspace for Education, Microsoft Office, and introductory coding to all students. In addition, computers and iPads are readily available to be used as needed in the classroom, allowing our teachers to infuse technology into everyday learning.

Science Lab

Our science lab is a hands-on classroom enrichment resource for our students where students’ technical learning comes to life. Students participate in lab work, including data collection, interpretation of results, designing scientific models, and preparing projects for our STREAM Fair.

Middle School Curriculum

During the middle school years, we continue to build strong Eucharistic faith foundations and academic excellence, while also keeping an eye towards the future. Through our rigorous curriculum, we prepare our children for the challenges ahead while still emphasizing our Catholic faith and values. Our goal is to nurture well-rounded, prepared, and engaged students who are ready for life beyond graduation from Saint Anthony Catholic School.

Through Saint Anthony Catholic School’s curriculum, we promote curiosity, critical thinking, and a passion for learning through our unique faith-infused curriculum. Throughout their academic journey, our teachers help our students navigate becoming effective learners, especially when it is frustrating or challenging.

The community at our school fosters our students’ connection to learning, while establishing the important foundational skills needed to excel academically. By establishing a deep understanding of foundational academic concepts, our students are equipped with the ability to not only solve problems but to understand their learning on a deeper and more intuitive level.

Curriculum Highlights

As we move through the 21st century, science, technology, and engineering skills are increasingly in demand. Our middle school science curriculum emphasizes scientific literacy, critical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving. We thoughtfully prepare our students for the skill demands of the future through computer education and coding courses.

Middle school students take regular lessons in Spanish, Art, and Music to further enrich their learning and gain an appreciation for the arts.

Our school prides itself on the honing of key skills that prepare students for their futures, such as leadership, collaboration, public speaking, writing, and summarizing content for others’ to understand.

While we infuse the study of our Catholic faith throughout all academic areas, religion classes guide our middle school students towards a deeper understanding of their faith and how it relates to the community and the larger world around them.

We believe physical activity and time outdoors is important for children. All of our students participate in PE twice a week and enjoy time outdoors at least once per day during recess.

Beyond Middle School Graduation

At Saint Anthony Catholic School, we are dedicated to building a faith and academic foundation for your children to carry with them beyond their time here. We, as a school, are invested in your child’s success and ensure that they are prepared for the next stage of their academic careers: high school. 

Regardless of the high school that you and your family choose for your child, the goal of Saint Anthony Catholic School is to have provided a strong foundation for your child so that they are prepared to meet the moral, social, and academic challenges of the future.

How We Prepare for High School

Our graduates are regularly accepted into demanding College Prep and I.B. curricula, and are well-prepared for a variety of academic paths after graduation.

We know how important getting into the high school of your family’s choice is, and that is why we are committed to providing the resources and tools to parents that help you make the appropriate preparations for your child’s future.

Questions About Saint Anthony Catholic School?