Athletic Programs

Our Sports

Saint Anthony Catholic School offers various athletic programs, and are constantly exploring new extracurricular enrichment opportunities for our students.

Elementary and middle school students can experience the benefits of creating close bonds with teammates, exploring a new activity or hobby, and learning what it means to be part of a team. Our private school offers small teams and great opportunities for students to make connections and improve their athletic ability in a supportive environment. 

Saint Anthony Catholic School is a part of the Northern Suncoast Catholic School Conference, in which our student athletes compete against other school teams throughout their sports’ season. Students in grades 5-8 are welcome to participate in athletic programs as long as they meet the school’s academic requirements. Some sports are available to 4th grade students as well.

  • Basketball

    Our basketball teams promote coordination, sportsmanship, and a love for the game.  Basketball is a co-ed sport.

  • Cross Country

    Participation in our cross country program gives our students an opportunity to experience a variety of courses and activities to improve physical fitness and develop teamwork skills. Last year, our team won the conference championship. Cross Country is a co-ed sport.

  • Flag Football

    Our flag football team is a safe and fun alternative to standard football. There is no tackling or contact, allowing for our elementary and middle school students to enjoy this American pastime safely. Flag football is currently offered for boys who attend Saint Anthony Catholic School.

  • Golf

    Participation in our golf program gives our students the opportunity to learn a game that they can enjoy for life. Our students benefit from mental and physical exercise, new connections, and the opportunity to hone their golfing skills. Our golf team has won the conference championship from 2008-2018. Golf is a co-ed sport.

  • Soccer

    Our soccer program is a great opportunity for students to improve their soccer skills. Our soccer program embraces teamwork in practices, scrimmages, and games. Soccer is a great sport for motor skill development, endurance, and ball control skills in a team setting. Our soccer team is a co-ed sport and is available to students ages 11 and older.

  • Tennis

    Our tennis team provides enrichment for our students interested in improving their skills on the court. Tennis is a great sport for those looking to improve hand-eye coordination and be part of a team. Tennis is a co-ed sport.

  • Volleyball

    Our volleyball team is a great opportunity for students to build physical strength, hand-eye coordination, and to be a part of a supportive and fun team. Volleyball is currently offered to girls who attend Saint Anthony Catholic School.

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