Supporting Our Catholic School

Saint Anthony Catholic School is a not-for-profit private school. As a community, we are so thankful for all donations, in-kind services, and volunteers that make our mission to provide a Christ-centered education possible. We could not do it without our generous alumni, parents, and community members.

Your gifts help us continue our legacy of providing a high-quality Catholic education for over 135 years. Through your support, we have been able to expand our programs, offer scholarships to families in need, improve our facilities, and give back through service projects in our community.

Donate Today

For your convenience, we accept online donations through our secure donation portal. On behalf of our Catholic school community, we welcome and thank you for your gift.

Ways to Give

There are a number of ways that we accept contributions, and we welcome a variety of donation types. All gifts are tax-deductible and can be earmarked to benefit the department or project of your choice. We thank you for your interest in improving our school and for your help in providing the best possible learning environment for our students.

If you have any questions about donating or wish to give to our school, please contact Daisy Tigreros.

Check Donations

If you wish to speak with our staff in person or give via check, you are welcome to do so. We understand that not all of our generous donors are comfortable with online donations. Checks should be written out to Saint Anthony Catholic School and can be given in person to our bookkeeper, Daisy Tigreros, or mailed to our school’s PO Box address to the attention of Shannon Hall, our principal.

Saint Anthony Catholic School
12155 Joe Herrmann Drive
San Antonio, Florida 33576-0847
PO Box 847

Online Donation

For your convenience, we accept online donations through our secure donation portal. On behalf of the Saint Anthony Catholic School community, we welcome and thank you for your gift.


There are a number of community events throughout the Saint Anthony Catholic School year where our community members can donate towards a particular cause or our school fund.

In-Kind Services

We welcome donations of in-kind services for those who wish to gift us with their unique talents or business services.


We are proud to partner with businesses and families in our community and beyond who wish to sponsor our Catholic school. Sponsorships are available for special projects, initiatives, events, and more.

Where Your Donations Go

We recognize that giving a gift means that you believe in our mission and wish to support our school. As members of our community, you are welcome to earmark your donation to benefit a specific project, department, or initiative. Below are some of the common places and ways that our donations can be used, but if there is a specific project, department, or initiative you are interested in supporting, please reach out to Daisy Tigreros.

Our Scholarship Fund

We believe that the gift of Catholic education is invaluable. For families that desire a Catholic education for their child or children, finances shouldn’t be a barrier. Through your generous donations to our scholarship fund, we can continue to offer a quality Catholic education to children and families, regardless of financial status.

Sponsor a Classroom

Many families and businesses choose to sponsor our school’s classrooms, either anonymously or in their name. Many families choose to sponsor a classroom in memory of a loved one, or in the name of their family. When you sponsor a classroom in our Catholic school, a plaque is erected outside of the classroom with your name and a saint of your choosing, and the children in that classroom will learn about and honor your chosen saint.

Thank You for Your Generosity!