Saint Anthony Catholic School is accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference Accreditation Program, which is one of the oldest Catholic accrediting programs in the country.  The accreditation process is a rigorous ongoing self-assessment in four areas:  mission and Catholic identity; academic program; governance and leadership; and operational vitality.  The standards and benchmarks for this assessment process are set-forth by the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Saint Anthony Catholic School has been fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference since 1974.  The accreditation process follows a seven-year cycle which begins with a year of self-study, and is followed by an in-depth report to FCC and the on-site visit by a team of Principals and/or Superintendents from various dioceses around the state of Florida.  The visiting team reviews and verifies information provided in the self-study, meets with stakeholders, and issues a report with commendations and recommendations for continued improvement.  Our progress towards improvement is reviewed and updated annually with input from students, parents, staff and diocesan entities.  The Florida Catholic Conference’s Accreditation Program and the Office of Catholic Schools and Centers provide ongoing monitoring and accountability of our schools’ progress towards improvement.