Faculty & Professional Aides

Our faculty and professional aides work hard to bring the best Catholic education possible to our students considering the individual needs of each.

Miss Lourdes Milan


Mrs. Mary Cattell

Second Grade

Mrs. Betsy Navin

Third Grade

Mrs. Connie Fernandez

Fourth Grade

Ms. Linda Whitman

Fifth Grade/K-8 Art

Sr. Sherly Vazhappilly

Grades 6-8 Math/Grades 6-8 Religion

Mrs. Lorena Frias

Grade 5 Math/Grades 6-7 Language Arts

Mrs. Ana Munoz

Grades 6-8 Science, STREAM K-8

Mrs. Liz Bodine

Grade 8 Language Arts, Grades 6-8 Social Studies

Mrs. Patricia Rios

Grades 1-8 Spanish

Miss Emiko Wennerholt

Grades K-8 Music

Dr. Pamela Wallace

K-8 Computer

Ms. Jane Maitski

Resource K-8/Grade 8 Math

Mrs. Betty Will

Media Specialist

Mrs. Melissa Mangen

Grades K-8 P.E./Grade 5 Religion/Athletic Director

Mrs. Lidia Guadarrama

Professional Aide

Miss Laura Daffer

Professional Aide

Mrs. Carmen Anderson

School Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Rosie Fortner

Receptionist/Clinic Aide

Mrs. Denise McKenna

Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant

Mr. Alex Davis